Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There I am

Shrinking further and further, wishing to disappear

Fist pressing my wonder, breath dissolved in potent fear.

Clothes are one with my skin, how abrasive, how cruel,

Night’s getting evil and somber, abandoning me to feel real.

The clouds couldn’t take it any more, frail as they are,

They broke down, they cried, asking me to run too far,

Their tears running down my elbow, disguised with mine

My lips quivering, my knees hugged, my virtue standing short and shrunk.

My arms flailing in the unknown,

My ears standing tall to recognize the unseen

My right thumb torturing my left palm in denial,

My form gasping for breath, my spirit wanting to die

My Sighs giving me hopes..........(yet another lie).

The deafening rain getting serrated,

Piercing through my illusive proud being,

The opaqueness of night making my guilt transparent,

The biting wind cutting through my delusion, my deceits, my inequity.

With each drop is falling down ...my arrogance, my sanctity.

The memories of past blinking through my eyes,

Only to keep me inert, only to leave me repentant.

My asylum, the small corner behind the wall, why so infinite?

Why can’t I run away? Where is the secret place to hide?

The threesome of rain, night and solitude, oh so evil alliance

Oh how I wish to evaporate, Oh how I wish to collapse !!!

The night seems eternal, the Stars are shamefully apart,

Oh the treacherous Sun, why don’t you have a heart?

Amid my rigid guilt, my trying absolution and all the mist

There I am….. Left soaked …….left unclaimed.

Praying for the Sun,

There I am…..Left soaked……left unclaimed.


Anonymous said...

Woah! am having goose bumps. It's a master piece. The power of guilt, the intensity of consciousness, the darkness and the rain.....extremely well written, extremely well imagined. Waiting for your next post.

Anonymous said...

'The threesome of rain, night and solitude, oh so evil alliance' wow that's just brilliant. I am a first time reader of your blogs and regretting of not passing by earlier. Your imagination, your writing skill and your in-depth understanding of human psyche is phenomenal. Please keep posting.

Parth said...

Just wanted to leave a quick note to say thanks and of course, you can blogroll me. Congratulations on achieving parenthood. I can imagine the challenge and the fun you must have be having right now. I am glad you liked reading my blog and I hope to see you more often. I'll be coming back to read more of yours too, at leisure. Today is just a crazy day.

Anonymous said...

This is spectacular! And am praying its not real, please tell me this is only your vivid imagination!

Praxis said...

@Anonymous1- Thank you so much. Your comment has really inspired me.

Praxis said...

@Anonymous2-Thank you very much. I really appreciate your feedback.

Praxis said...

@Parth- Thank you so much.

Praxis said...

@Anonymous3- It is most definitely a fiction piece :D. Thank you so much.